notice: You dont need to be a student to use the cheap international phone call service.
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Cheap International Phone Calls
Please tell all your friends and family about international phone call service by forwarding them this page and help them start saving a lot of money on international calls today.

BYE BYE international phone calls charges

international phone calls at National call rates

50 destinations for the same price as a national call.

Cheaper calls to India / Israel etc…
Instant service, no waiting
No account to open, No credit card needed, No additional bills!

Heres how it works:

Step 1: Dial the country number form the drop down box below
Step 2: At the promt, dial your international number in full (including the 00)
Step 3: That's it - you're connected - try it now!

Examples of rates (pence per min)

India (Landline/ Mobile) only 5p / 5p
Pakistan (Landline/ Mobile) only 7p / 7p
Australia (Landline/ Mobile) only 2p / 9p
Italy (Landline) 2p / 15p
Bangladesh (Landline/ Mobile) only 4p / 4p
China (Landline/ Mobile) only 2p / 2p

Select your country from the drop down list below to find the access telephone number and the call rate per minute to the country (at standard BT landline rates): 

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Users Comments:

I have used international phone call service for the past 2 weeks - I think it is a fantastic service and will recommend international phone call service to family and friends regularly making international calls!
M.Williamson "Just got to say thank you for your fantastic service. I wouldn't be able to make the calls I do without your service. Yep, I even recommend it now!"
Pete "Thank you for the the brilliant service of international phone call service."
Anthony "Spoke with my mother on Friday, for about 10 minutes and not a glitch in the sound or carrier. It was great, and on the first go as well. Also called Canada and had a 45 minute chat with my sister and that too was great. The sound was impeccable. I could even hear my niece in the back ground clearly. Thank you all so very much."
Paul "I'll be using international phone call service regularly."
Rob. "I have stopped using One.Tel for international calls and they try to get me back on their service, as neither their cash tills nor the phones abroad are ringing!"
Nirvana "Thanks Guys - excellent customer service - well done!"
Jason "Thanks very much, it works from my mobile too! Good Job"

"I rang Ibiza last night and international phone call service worked first time. Keep up the good work."
W B McBride

User Term and Conditions
Callers must ensure they have the bill payers permission before using the international phone call Service.All calls are billed by your telephone line provider at their relevant 0870, 0871, 0844, 0845, and relevant 0905 rates.
Calls are charged from time of connection to the international phone call service, so we advice replacing the handset after a shortperiod if your calls are engaged or unanswered.When you call from mobile, remember to only press the call or send button after dialing the access number but not again after dialing the destination number.
Calls to mobile phones, premium rate numbers and pagers are not included unless otherwise stated. international phone call service reserves the right to terminate fraudulent calls.The service is subject to availability.
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